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About Me

My name is Stephanie G., but I like to be mostly called as MyFantasiWorld. I'm a freelance artist, 2D animator and Youtuber, and I am mainly recognized for my Gears Of War fanwork from my DeviantArt account. The game series has been and continues to be my biggest inspiration to improve in my art skills, which also in turn helped me expand into different fields other than drawing. It has also helped me recognized the field of freelancing, which I hope will improve my chance in finding my talents in the career field someday.

For now, I try to explore new arts and techniques by drawing, animating and creating new fanart or original works of mine and others. I also try to deliver my services through commissions to help get by my personal and financial needs. Otherwise, I enjoy showing my work to all of those who love it as much as I like creating it!

To those who take the time to follow, comment, or even purchase my work, I give out a huge thanks, love and respect to you all! Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to make it where I am today!

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ArtStation | Behance | DeviantArt | Facebook | FanFiction | FurAffinity | Gears Of War Forums | Newgrounds | Picarto.TV | Twitter | Weasyl | Weebly | YouTube

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Shadow Squad, The Official Site

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Top Positive Review

Wonderful, extremely pleasant artist! Did a wonderful job capturing the OC! 10/10 will commission again!

The art work was gorgeous! Artist captured the OC perfectly! Great communication from artist making sure you get the exact art you are looking for. 11/10 wI'll be getting art from this artist again!


Excellent work. I couldn't be happier with the finished result, and the artist was very willing to accommodate and remained friendly and positive throughout the process.

Simply amazing. By all means, grab a commission.

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