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HamelinRazie Hamelin Razie

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General information:

  • Argentina
  • Verified e-mail address
  • Unverified artist
  • Response time: 141.2 days

Artist's Statistics:

  • Total Commissions :           5
  • Completed Commissions : 0

I'm a professional dressmaker from Argentina who started as a digital illustrator a few years ago, having already worked on traditional media. I have a burning passion and interest for creativity displays, innovation and arts, specially related to the theatrical.
Addicted to the written word, musicals, opera and cult films. I love making collaborative projects and hope to start a charity artbook next year, and a tattoo-design catalogue.

It should not take me more than two weeks to deliver big projects. I have even worked on a-couple-hours deadline in the past, and I'm not afraid of the challenge, actually rather enjoy it. So if you're in a rush, I'm the artist for you.

Commission slots:

  • Colored detailed full body painting
    Colored detailed full body painting
  • Colored full body drawing
    Colored full body drawing
  • Colored full body sketch
    Colored full body sketch
  • Twelve small heads batch
    Twelve small heads batch
  • Colored Chibi (Super Deformed Style)
    Colored Chibi (Super Deformed Style)