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BytheBrink jessica brinkley

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General information:

  • United States
  • Verified e-mail address
  • Verified artist
  • Response time: Same-day

Artist's Statistics:

  • Total Commissions :           3
  • Completed Commissions : 1

Throw a hippie, a redneck and a geek in a blender. Bake at 350 degrees for 27 years and here I am....with three cats, a gecko and a drift car eating all of my money.

I do digital illustration, logo designs, t-shirt designs..you name it, i'll draw it :)

Commission slots:

  • Twitch Emotes
    Twitch Emotes
  • Digital Sketch
    Digital Sketch
  • Clean Lineart
    Clean Lineart
  • Digital Watercolor  Illustration
    Digital Watercolor Illustration
  • Flat Coloured Digital Sketch
    Flat Coloured Digital Sketch
  • Clean Lineart and Full Color
    Clean Lineart and Full Color