Thanks for being the awesome site for commission! It hasn't been a year for me here but I like to work with this site a lot. Thanks for all the people who had been working on this site, you guys rock!


It really helped me being here. I’m grateful I got commissions last month even though it’s not that many, I am still grateful.


As a freelance illustrator I'm very grateful for A&C for the opportunity to gain some money and work with different people on amazing subjects and projects! I gained self confidence as an artist here and understood that my artwork is worth doing.

Alice Shmul

Thanks because of this website, I can get more income and get friendly clients.


A&C, Thank you so much for helping me in the artist world! I hope A&C will be bigger and bigger in the future.


Thanks so much for this website! Such a great place for reasonably priced art! Without it, I think I'd still be saving pennies to get awesome art.


By recommendation of a friend, I start my commissions on your page and it turned out pretty good. It gives you the assurance that the client fulfills his part of the deal and pays. I would only recommend that you give more opportunities to people who just started here, so that it is not so difficult to become known, that and make a better notification system. I thank you a lot for everything.


Thank you because I met some nice client through this platform.A&C is a good place to boost my experience.


I love ArtistsnClients.. I don't even know where to begin. This site helped me to grow so much as an artist. A&C helped me realize I can make my art a job. It helped me to do what I love everyday.


I can find amazing artist and commissioned by nice clients. So with the money that I got, I can upgrade my PC and etc., I can draw more. I hope all artist can upgrade their drawing qualities here and clients can feel more satisfied.


I am grateful for A&C because I was able to meet many clients and some of them are now my regular clients. Makes easy to get my work out there.


Thank you for the creation of this website! I am always looking for new art and I really appreciate how this site makes it easy to browse through artists, discover new ones and has a secure payment system that makes me feel comfortable. I will continue using this site for a very long time, and have met some regular artists that I love going back to, as well as constantly trying new ones. Your staff have always been friendly and prompt to answer my questions or feedback too. Thank you for everything!


I thank A&C because I can work according to my hobby and get more active in working. I also gain friends. Thank you!


Thank you A&C for being a wonderful platform for artists and clients alike! Thank you for making it easy for both users. It truly means a lot and it definitely helps get rid of most scammers! It keeps both artist and the person commissioning them safe. A really easy interface to use and a great staff who's always helpful. You have my gratitude!


Thank you for making my commission business feels so secure and easy! I love you AnC!


Great site, Gives artists and clients the perfect environment to make deals.


I am gratuitous for the site that allows art artist to create commissions for my pleasure and amusement.


Thanks for helping me find that one client that changed my entire life for a year.


A&C helps me a lot to meet and connect with clients. It's easy, secure, and simple to use especially for someone that just want to start doing and requesting commissions. It's still one of my main sites for accepting commission jobs until now. Thank you.


I am very thankful for this site; without it, I wouldn't have been able to get all the commissions I have now. I've gotten at least 30+ ‘cause of this site.


My gratitude message is towards all the site, for the amazing service it provides, towards my past clients, who got me started, and towards the Help Staff!! It's been years since my last activity and I was helped thoroughly and efficiently to access my account again. I'm so enthusiastic and gratefulto be back, and it's just thanks to the Staff who so patiently answered and followed me with their emails. You're amazing!


I’ve known about this site from my friends and why didn’t I find it sooner? I am still new here but got decent additional income for saving while I keep improving on my art. Thanks AnC!


I'm grateful for A&C because it has helped me a lot with my commissions. They not only care for the client but for the artist as well, and so I get the feeling that my art and me are safe here. I'm happy they are always trying to improve the page and I hope I'll be here for a long time! Thank you!


I'm so glad I found this website. Thank you A&C for the many safe commission experiences and opportunities you've offered me this past year as well as the amazing customer support!


Thanks to ArtistsnClients I can eat doing what I love.