Halloween Art!
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Halloween Art!

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It's finally spooky month!!!
I'd love to take on some spooky commissions, at a discounted rate!
Extra characters are $7 more!

Let me know what you'd like in your art piece to make it more halloween! (Pumpkins/Bats/Your OC dressed in a halloween costume!) I'd be happy to do any!

If you're wanting NSFW, it is $5-$10 more depending on complexity!

I'm going to be doing these all month! ^^
I'm also running patreon halloween event, you can catch the link on my profile! ^^

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 17 2020

Amazing artist and extremely talent. Super detailed and amazing to work with!


September 22 2020

Absolutely stunning work, and so fast! They are an incredibly sweet person to work with, HIGHLY recommend!


September 22 2020

Teluna is a lovely artist with great talent. Throughout the process they were very transparent about how the work was progressing and if they needed any clarification on anything. Her turnaround time for the work along with her response time were incredibly quick, yet the work never felt rushed. They did an AMAZING job in bringing my character to life, something that no one else could do like them. I cannot recommend Teluna enough, you won't regret asking them for a commission!


September 07 2020

Teluna works fast, is great with communicating with you and has a fantastic way of portraying what you want to see! Wholeheartedly recommend commissioning them!!


September 03 2020

Tuna was super fast and absolutely nailed what I was going for! Extremely sweet and skilled!


September 03 2020

A very talented artist with a wonderfully unique style and flare!


September 02 2020

Teluna was an absolute joy to work with! The art was completed within 24 hours of first contact, and the artwork is beautiful and captures my character's personality perfectly! I will definitely be back!


July 09 2020

Tuna is absolutely AMAZING. This is my third commission from them and each time they go above and beyond! They are so detail focused and communicate the entire time. They have helped me bring my own d&d characters to life and I cannot thank them enough!


May 20 2020

Love the art and absolutely love the artist!


May 15 2020

An absolute joy to work with. Very receptive to any changes I wanted, lots of updates and done in a very reasonable amount of time. Worth every penny and then some!

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