portrait color (flat style)
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portrait color (flat style)

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Hey heeeyyyy :D

I can draw your character or fan art :> I draw in a stylish style. No anime, NO realistic!

At the process, you can correct me and I always will send to you all steps of work (sketch, line, base color, shadows. render)

I only learn at the draw and I hope that your order will be liked you :3

Please send your character's reference and desired pose and other wishes :3

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 7 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 07 2020

friendly, fast worker, i really enjoyed working with them, would recommend!


November 01 2020

Loved working with this talented artist. The communication was excellent!! I loved the constant check ins, and the questions for clarification. The final outcome is AMAZING. Bravo. I would love to work with her again and definitely highly recommend her talents.


October 18 2020

Again one of the best artists I have ever worked with, and with one of the most unique and pretty styles I have seen. 10/10 would commission again!


October 03 2020

Artist was completely amazing and made sure everything was correct during the process. They are totally worth your time and effort! The art was completely breathtaking.


September 28 2020

excellent to work with as usual and very efficient!


September 22 2020

Beautiful, stunning art and such a wonderful artist to work with. <3


September 20 2020

A wonderful artist with great communication!


September 15 2020

My expectations were already high going in from the previews and their unique artstyle, but nothing could've prepared me for the absolutely MAGICAL time I had commissioning this artist. They're among the nicest people on this site and absolutely KILLED IT with this commission. Bravo! Encore!


September 05 2020

Absolutely beautiful work, one of the best artists I've ever commissioned and very sweet and willing to work with you to boot. 10/10 would commission again, and will recommend to all of my friends


August 31 2020

Fantastic artist to work with and beautiful work. <3

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