Headshot/Telegram Stickers
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Headshot/Telegram Stickers

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This commission is for a single character flat coloured headshot. Each headshot is $10usd. You can order multiple at a time this will, however, extended the estimated delivery.

Can be...

  • Any Gender
  • Any Species
  • Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi

Info I will need...

  • Character Reference or a well-written description of the character. (I prefer image references)
  • How many headshots/stickers would you like
  • What expressions would you like?

Additional Fees...

Backgrounds are NOT included in these sketches.

Character designs by me, and patreon patrons will receive %discounts on these commissions. patreon.com/KeishaMaKainn

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


March 08 2019

Artist worked through customizing armor details and character traits on a character with no reference and was very patient with that process.


January 04 2019

Kei was professional and helpful through out the entire process. Would recommend with the highest regards, and will definitively be working with her again.


December 22 2018

Excellent and reliable work. Transparent process and updates/questions to ensure it was what I wanted!


November 03 2018

She did this in a single day! That's not only dedication, that's an impressive work ethic.


December 29 2017

I will tell my future children of this day. My lineage will carry down this tale of skill, reveling in the art piece's glory and to maintain the work in a place of honor within the home.


December 22 2017

Work was great, quick turnaround on commission.

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