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Twitch / Discord Emotes

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Closed here! Please reserve your slot on dis cord^^ * Dis cord price $40, highly preferred *
You can check my waiting list here:

You can mix characters!
To see what I DO and DON'TS please click on "Read Artist's Terms" button

* In this slot I only do humans and humanoids *

  • 1 emoji: 6usd (detailed caracther: +1usd)
  • 4 emojis: 22usd (5.5usd per emote) (detailed characther/s: +3usd)
  • 10 emojis: 50usd (5usd per emote) (detailed characther/s: +7usd)

You will receive:
-The sizes you will need to upload to your favorite plataform for a full resolution( 1,2 or 3 sizes)

Any additional question you have, you can send me a whisper!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 18 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 11 2020

My second piece! This artist is very friendly and easy to work with thanks again~


March 24 2020

Friendly artist and fast work. Highly recommended!


March 23 2020

Too fast


March 10 2020

Easy, super kind, answers questions asp, and sent me multiple files for a background :D


March 06 2020

Always amazing! Highly recommended.


February 28 2020

Fast working Lovely personality And a beautiful style!


February 17 2020

listens to all your requests for changes, cute art, does it fast, would recommend


February 09 2020

Great to work with! Communication is great to get exactly what you want!


January 21 2020

Great response time and very accommodating with adjustments!


January 08 2020

?????????????? perfection as usual. Thank you so very much! Can't wait for more ????

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