detailed lineart
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detailed lineart

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Traditional lineart that could be shipped to you elsewhere.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.5 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


July 13 2020

5 star service. Thank you for taking my commission. You did my charecter justice


July 13 2020

Artist was really good to work with! Great communication


July 10 2020

Wonderfully done. Commissoned two detail heavy ffxiv characters and was blown away by the results. 10/10 would recommend.


July 04 2020

Quickly done, quickly replied. Wonderful sketch, and the image came out better than I had imagined.


July 02 2020

Unfortunately, as this is a service this artist is offering, I have to be honest. I was never provided a sketch despite it being in her terms. I asked when the artist thought my commission would be completed, and then was suddenly presented with inked and colored artwork the next day. I asked if that was the sketch, and the artist confirmed that it was not. This artist never asked me questions, or for more details in the 2 weeks span of my commission. I was honest with what I thought about the final product, and they did adjust small things for me, but was reluctant to change what especially bothered me (the angle of a leg.) I feel like a sketch would have helped, and honestly, I feel like my commission was rushed just to get my money. Their art is pretty and they were very (much to my surprise) quick, but communication was poor for me. I never did get an updated second picture with the adjustments, but I also didn't ask as I just want to put this behind me.


July 02 2020

Oh the artwork is so so so beautiful! I really adore it, the artist didn't need any real direction from me other than what I originally asked for and what I got back was so cute and well done! Super high quality, like.. holy crap this is such a unique and cute art style!


June 14 2020

Awesome work! Definitely would recommend


June 14 2020

Great artist. Fast pace and commission match the description of what I wanted. Awesome result for a nice price !


June 06 2020

The artist was wonderful to work with, incredibly pleasant, worked with me over a change to a different style, and the artwork turned out even more charming than I imagined!


June 02 2020

Wonderful artist who is insanely talented, please commission them!

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