Full Color headshot
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Full Color headshot

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?Full color headshot?
I'm offering headshots for a cheaper price than normal
size: about 1000x1000 (if you need it bigger let me know)
Other options:
*Bust: 18usd
*Waist up: 25usd
*Full body: 35usd

//If design is complex i'll update the price depending the type of commission and no more than 15usd

I do:

I dont:
-Old people

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 3 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 23 2019

Always perfect!! Would be craY to go anywhere else for your emojis


November 17 2019

Amazing, just like before! The emotes that I asked for were all great- they're exactly what I and my server wanted! I definitely recommend them- they work fast, are super nice and their art style is very cute. ^^


November 14 2019

Deiryn is super fun and friendly to work with! They work extremely fast, respond fast, and keep me always updated. Cute art style, very knowledgable as well! I'm very satisfied with their work, and I'm planning on commisioning them more in the future! Highly recommended.


November 13 2019

Super happy! These emojis are really cute!


November 11 2019

Its so cute!!!


November 10 2019

Amazing! That word is not enough to express. Very quick, exactly what I was looking for. Price is perfect for blooming Twitch Streamers. Very highly recommend them 200%


November 06 2019

Such an amazing Artist and so sweet as well!! Will definitly commission again in the future! :D


October 31 2019

Great artist, and a fast delivery. The art is really great too :3 Would definitely recommend XD


October 25 2019

Great artist with very quick turnaround. Thanks for the awesome work. Look forward to working with you again :)


October 20 2019

Considering my bad luck with prior artists (I had to wait a month for one emote for another person!) Deiryn was a miracle in disguise as I stumbled upon their slot comission by chance! Within 2 days they exceeded my expectations amazingly and produced 4 lovely emotes for my twitch and discord! Beautiful artwork and colours! I thoroughly reccomend to anyone wanting to get emotes!

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