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Manga Cover

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I will make a stunning cover for your Manga!

Just kindly send me a reference and details you want me to illustrate,
send me message first before ordering.
Thank you!


The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 20 2020

Amazing! Absolutely amazing! The wait was definitely worth it!


September 07 2020

Very good art! Got that part nailed down! Due to the pandemic, the project took unfortunately too long but I can't fault the artist for that. Just an unfortunate circumstance. Thank you for the hard work however, the wait was worth it!


September 03 2020

amazing work!!!


August 27 2020

Good communication, up front with adjustments, and still a good time frame. Very happy with the scene made for me. Thank you again.


July 29 2020

had to wait quite a bit, i was satisfied with everything except the design of my character, there quite are a few things i’d change (but more than one revision costs extra.) kinda wish we could of planned out her design through sketches/rough drafts, this way i could of changed anything i disliked right away instead of when it was already fully done. a revision wouldn’t of been needed. the artist was super nice and polite at least. don’t know if i’d commission them again though.


July 16 2020

Loved it!


July 09 2020

Took a little longer than expected but the end result was entirely worth it. Blown away by the quality, it's pretty much everything I could have hoped for. Would definitely recommend!


July 08 2020

First time working with them, and it was very well done!


June 04 2020

Good. Worked with my feedback.


May 22 2020

First time commissioning this wonderful artist, and I was blown away.

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