SAME DAY Neon Pop Headshot
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SAME DAY Neon Pop Headshot

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Full Colored Digital Art

I mainly draw human characters (including magical creatures e.g. fairies or elves).
I don't draw animals or robots.
However, I might consider drawing other subjects depending on the given references.

I will message the client halfway the drawing for approval. Revisions are limited to 2. Turnaround will also depend on the client's responsiveness.

  • Basic Resolution will be 1500x1500 300dpi (depending on the amount of characters)
  • Background styles:
    1. Transparent/Plain Color/Gradient free
    2. Simple/Patterned/Detailed/Vectored + $1

  • Commercial Use: +$20, or negotiable

Please send me this format for each character along with references in making a request :) Thank you!

Example using previewed image:

  • Expression:
  • View:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Props:
  • Bg:
  • Additional info:

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


January 12 2019

Amazingly quick to respond, and very very attentive to what you want in the final work.


October 30 2018

This artist was fast and responsive. Nice style too!


October 12 2018

Fantastic ans very quick!


July 19 2018

I'm very happy to be the first customer! Akreiko is amazingly responsive and helpful and will definitely provide you with a piece of art you will love! Highly rated!

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