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Comic/Manga page

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Comic or manga page, of your characters and story.
Black and white version: $70
Colored in flat colors: $80
Detailed coloring: $90

The more references (example images, etc) the better. If not, no problem.
Settle that, i'll begin a sketch to see if i'm right with the general idea.
After you confirmed that, i'll begin the process; and send you WIPs (work in progress) so you can see if i'm in the right track, or point me any error. However, big changes (like the poses and general composition) cannot be changed, because that's fixed in the sketch process.
Once the product is finished, i'll send it to you, and i'll wait for feedback (minor changes are accepted, like some colors, and some little detail)
After that I'll send you the full resolution finished files.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 9 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 21 2020

What can I say? It's the third commission from Remy ^^


August 17 2020

fast response, friendly and listens well to your ideas. going commission again!


August 16 2020

Remyart could start his work when he said he would be free and did need only a rough week even with some changes until we could nail down the details on the sketches to match my idea. Great work for the second time, hopefully having more ideas to come back in the future.


May 12 2020

Excellent response time, great with alterations, would recommend to anyone


March 16 2020

Amazing work done really fast. great communication and lots of updates along the way.


March 11 2020

This artist was amazing to work with. I got a lot of progress updates and they were willing to change a few things that were needed but overall their work was fantastic to begin with so few changes were necessary. Will for sure work with them in the future! I love their work! ^_^


February 11 2020

Great artist. One of the best people to do business with, period.


February 05 2020

Great artist. Very accommodating. Multiple commissions. Very reliable. Responds within hours. All around good experience.


February 02 2020

Great artist. Very accommodating. Great shading, great expressions, line work, etc. Gets back within the day. All around good experience working with this artist.


January 29 2020

Great artist; very good; very professional. Gets back to you very quickly. Gets all the nuances you ask for in your commission. Does his research. Grey scaling and shading are great. I would recommend this artist.

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