Colored Chibi
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Colored Chibi

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January 31 2020

Holy Moley This was my first time commissioning art and this artist made everything clear, smooth, and overwhelmingly positive. Responses to questions and changes were quick, stage updates were clear, and the finished product even better that I expected. Definitely recommended. 10/10 would art again.


January 24 2020

Friendly and passionate artist that is very easy to work with. I will request more from them in the future!


January 02 2020

An awesome person to work with!!!


November 06 2019

The end piece is just beautiful! You can see how much effort they've put into the work plus they're super fast! <3


November 02 2019

The artist was a total treasure to work with and we couldn't be happier with the end result - the communication is better than any we've ever had with any artists and the end result is just positively insane! Would 1 million billion percent recommend! <3


October 16 2019

Amazing artist, very talented and friendly. <3 I recommend !


October 08 2019

Great work and easy to work with. :D


October 04 2019

I couldn't be more happier with thier work. I would tell everyone I know to commission them for any anime style work they need. I don't want to gush to much about them because I want more work and am afraid once word gets out finding an open slot will be tough.


May 24 2019

What an amazing artist, and unbelievably helpful and willing to work with me. *10/10!


February 25 2019

Very kind and patient artist! I was given periodic updates where I was invited to give my feedback and the artist always took my suggestions and implemented them into the piece. I received a beautiful finished piece with great care for even the smallest details! I am looking forward to working with them more in the future!

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