Full Body 2-Character Chibis!
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Full Body 2-Character Chibis!

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[[Sample Image for this slot : Commission for a client ^^ ]]

*Will include:

  • 2 characters only

  • Full Body & Color

  • Limited Pets ($5 per pet): Dog/Cat/Hamster/Bunny/Pokemons

  • Will be sending the draft sketch first before coloring!

~You must:

  • Payment after approval of draft sketch!

  • Solid BG / Transparent BG only.

  • Describe your character (clothes, hair, accessories, personality, expression, etc)

  • Send Character Reference

  • Send Pose Reference (optional)

  • Send Color Reference (optional)

  • Pay after you're fine with the sketch

  • Credit me / Link my pages (instagram / twitter acct) if you like it!


ESTIMATED DURATION: 3 Days - 1 week (depending on the amount of characters I received from all my current amazing clients! :D)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


August 25 2020

A brilliant and friendly artist who can bring your ideas to life with their cute commissions! I'd highly recommend hiring them for a commission!


August 20 2020

A super friendly and amazing artist who made quick work of the commission to a wonderful quality! I'd certainly recommend them for anyone looking for some cute Chibi artwork!


August 14 2020

Quick and efficient while also sweet


August 12 2020

Absolutely perfect. All 4 charecters came out great


August 06 2020

Great artist and beautiful artwork and communication. <3


August 04 2020

Another awesome job from Chisei! She's really great and her vector art is so amazing! I can't stop commissioning her ^_^


July 27 2020

Very gracious with requests. Makes great facial expressions and can easily master different poses. Could make great chibi battle poses. Looking forward to future work


July 21 2020

Cute art, really nice artist! <3


July 16 2020

Excellent artist. Timely, friendly, gives updates regularly. Was an absolute joy to work with. Thanks again!


July 09 2020

Chi was lovely to talk to and completed the piece quickly and to a very high standard. I am extremely happy with the result ^^.

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