1 Character (Complex)
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1 Character (Complex)

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H E L L O ! (^_^)

I'll be happy to draw absolutely any character for you!

1 character, whole body, full color, with complicated designs such as armors, weapons etc...

additional character = $6

complex background = $6

2 free corrections. Multiple corrections will cost extra.

Resell my artwork in any form.
Claim the artwork as yours.
I don't do refunds.
I don't do child porn and bestiality

Payment must be sent up front after I provide the sketch w/ watermark.
Will proceed completing the artwork after you've updated the commission to PAID.

Thank you for your time!
Hurry and open a job request!

If you have any questions, send me a whisper here on the site!
Thanks to everyone who is considering working with me!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 5 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 16 2020

Lovely art. Artist is super easy to work with. 10/10!


January 09 2020

High quality art very accommodating to the changes i asked and get you in the loop through the whole process


December 04 2019

Excellent experience all around. The artist was communicative, provided regular updates on the progress, and was very polite and accommodating throughout the entire process.


December 04 2019

High quality art for a decent price.


November 22 2019

Thank you so much!


November 07 2019

Lovely artist! did a fantastic job, and were willing to fix a few things! Would recommend<3


November 04 2019

An excellent and punctual professional.


October 16 2019

great artist, very understanding, didn't quite have the money as quick as I wanted, so he waited a couple days until I got my money, really appreciated that. would highly recommend them


September 27 2019

Mia was a wonderful artist to work with, gave me dates when sketches and the product would be finished, asked questions to make it better and overall was a wonderful person to work with! Would gladly recommend them and commission them again!


September 17 2019

I am one satisfied customer~! From sketch to the finished artwork I was being kept up to date and the artist sticked to the deadline date they gave me and they were very nice to talk to as well, it was real blast to work with them. Also the artwork turned out absolutely gorgeous, the character is just how I imagined and more! :D I really recommend to commission this artist if you're looking for a gorgeous piece of your ocs or to get a custom character design <3 And I surely will return in the future to commission them again.

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