Colored Full Body Chibi
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Colored Full Body Chibi

Last Active: 6 months ago

I accept male and female character :)

Please click Commission Artist only if you're sure to make a commission.

What You Get:

High-Resolution (350px)

Basic Artwork Includes

  • Color: Full Color
  • Subject: 1 Subject
  • Composition: Chibi Headshot Icon
  • Background: Single Color (Minimal Detail)
  • Delivered Files: High-Resolution JPG/PNG Files

Available Upgrades:

  1. Add Another Person(s) to Artwork + $12/person (3-4 days).
  2. Add full colored background + $15 (5 days).
  3. Add detailed ornament on character costumes: + $5/person (2 days)


The artist will most likely respond to a request within 7.5 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 5 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 04 2019

Pretty fast, and very high quality work~ Would absolutely recommend!


July 23 2019

Very friendly and responsive, was pleasure to work with :)


June 13 2019

Really fast work from the artist.Good communication and love artist's work and definitely recommend!


May 10 2019

Always a pleasure working with Winter. Great results as usual!


May 03 2019

Wonderfully draw, exact to specifications. Great turn around time, well priced. Very happy with outcome.


April 20 2019

Beautiful, fast work and amazing, polite artist!!!


April 16 2019

Very quick turnaround and very cute results~


March 08 2019

The art was incredible, no revisions! I love your style and I hope to catch you around for commissions again!


December 18 2018

Kind artist and fast and amazing artwork! I couldn't recommend more!!!


October 26 2018

AMAZING ARTIST!!! Fast, kind, and with fantastic artwork! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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