Concept art
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Concept art

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 28 2019

Excellent artwork. AfifWan provided frequent updates throughout and made changes in a timely manner. Communicative and talented.


January 06 2019

Took the time to go into detail about the commission to make it perfect.


July 24 2018

Great work!


May 06 2018

Great artist, loved the outcome! Am recommending :)


April 28 2018

Took a while to be done! Awesome work though! Do recommend! <3


April 15 2018

Was willing to go through several revisions before it was completed, I appreciated that.


April 06 2018

Takes some time to work, requires absolute clarity in instructions but does fantastic work!


March 10 2018

Quality work and professional service from Afif! Highly recommended, I had nothing but a good experience working with them.


February 10 2018

I had to think a lot about this before selecting negative. Though the price fit the picture, the sample picture shown seems to show what the artist does when they put their best effort forward. This commission, though not completely unexpected, was of a much lesser quality then I would have liked which was severely disappointing. I hope that in time they can show more accurate portrayals of their commissions.


January 22 2018

AfifWan was really great to work with! Not only was there progress images, but the art was completed in a timely manner!

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