HQ Pixel Art Character
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HQ Pixel Art Character

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High detailed Pixel Art character and object, every bit of pixel is placed one by one by hand for details and precision.

Price: $15
Size: 100x100 pixels
Transparent, not animated

Price: $20
Size 150x150 pixels
Transparent, not animated

Price: $30
Size 200x200 pixels
Transparent, not animated

Finished image will be delivered in:
- 1x1, 2x2, 4x4 size
- PNG, layered PSD

I can draw:
- Male and female
- Creatures
- Mecha or robot
- Objects

My timezone is UTC+7 (Jakarta/Bangkok), it may take few hours to reply your message depends on your timezone.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


December 23 2018

What are you waiting for? You should commission them right now, their artwork is insanely great for the price they are taking and i am really happy with the art they did for me. Will definitely keep them in mind for future commissions


August 28 2018

Great attitude! Very patient. Please consider doing business with this person!


July 31 2018

Very kind and nice artist! Their work is astonishing, it's the second time I commission them. Totally recommended <3


July 19 2018

Excellent work in a great time frame! Wonderful attention to detail and communicative. Included the extra assets as well, something I hadn't even asked for! Very appreciative. Recommended!


July 17 2018

Very good work and very nice artist, totally recommended!!


July 17 2018

The skill and practice put into their work is on a level of it's own. Great artist, highly recommend!


December 21 2017

Very nice. Would recommend


December 13 2017

Overall very nice. Im pleased and willing to commission again!


November 28 2017

Great work, great attitude!

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