ZIG brush pens (bust)

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  • $ 20.00 base price
  • 3-10 days estimated turnaround
  • 2 / 2 available
ZIG brush pens (bust)
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radnik describes this slot:

ZIG clean color real brush pens. They are filled with a water-based dye that is odorless and xylene*-free. I myself use them with watercolor paints and they blend nicely. Can be painted on watercolor paper or drawing paper. The example is painted on 90lb watercolor paper. For an original, it would be $40, shipping and handling included.

*a volatile liquid hydrocarbon obtained by distilling wood, coal tar, or petroleum, and used in fuels and solvents, and in chemical synthesis.


vixenly writes:

done very fast, with the cutest result!

seagrams writes:

Amazing work again and quick response time as well.

seagrams writes:

Amazing work and quick to respond! Would commission again in a heartbeat.

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