Humanoid/Creatures/Beastmen Full-body
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Humanoid/Creatures/Beastmen Full-body

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I'll draw your original or existing character of any kind you wish.
No restriction in species or race whatsoever.
I can design and visualize your character concepts too!

Skins, furs, scales, carapaces, humanoid, non-humanoid, animal-like, full-blown abomination, I accept them all!
Accepting particular poses as well.
For creatures, I specialises in more animalistic or savage-looking creatures.

  • Base price is for simple lineart-only.

  • Depending the complexity, price can add to a maximum of $7. (Average complex lineart is probably +$2-5)

  • Full-color piece ranges from additional +$2 to maximum +$20, depending of the complexity.
  • For guidance, an average full-colored price is $30.
  • I'll be rather slow than usual due to IRL business, so I'd like to apologize in advance.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 16 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 22 2019

Great artist! A little slow when it came to getting updates and replies, but for reasons out of his control. The art I got was well worth the wait!


November 18 2019

The artist went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the piece. Their attention to detail was also outstanding!


May 29 2019

As always the piece came out great!


May 28 2019

Lorb is incredible and produces amazing monsters, with no difficulty making changes where asked of him. I have gotten three commissions from him now and can guarantee I will be coming back time and time again when the slots are open. He has made excellent manifestations of monsters for my pen and paper group to enjoy and it helps them visualize their foes wonderfully


May 24 2019

Great communication and product was delivered as expected! Thanks a lot again! Will buy again from the same artist sooner or later. =)


May 20 2019

Very communicative and very great to work with. Awesome art!


April 29 2019

Great artist, kept me informed quite often and has fantastic skill. 1`0/10 would comish again


April 19 2019

Lorb has been a fantastic and creative artist. He has been very patient and open to ideas and input, but personally I have enjoyed seeing how he creatively interprets the description that I gave him and the result was better than I could've ever pictured on my own.


June 13 2018

Lorb is a fantastic artist that is not only willing to work with you no matter how complex your request is but also does so in a kind manner. They are fantastic at communication and provide you with many progress updates. In short, they produce fantastic work with a fantastic attitude, will commission again and again!


May 17 2018

As always I got a great piece with an artist who was very patient with my demands

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