Couple drawings half body digital colour
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Couple drawings half body digital colour

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Please check my terms - most of the details are over there.

If you wanted to know more please DM me or email me @ [email protected]

Check my artwork here:


My terms

Thanks for checking on me. Please check the below for more details :)

I DO:-

I do Chibis, headshot, halfbody characters.
I do fanart, portraits or OCs.
I draw couples, both male x female or male x male or female x female.
I do watercolour, ink and digital drawings (rough and detailed).
I do both adult and kids male and females.
I accept commissions.

I do not do:-

I don't do nudes.
I don't do realistic characters illustration.
I don't draw animals/pets, monsters and robots.
I don't draw full body characters.
I don't accept requests for free.

I only accept PayPal payments in HKD and USD.

For commissions, I suggest you to fill in the below forms so that you characters will meet what you expected :) If the below is not filled in, I will follow my own imagination and design the character for you :)

Facial expression:
Others: (things that I should know)
References: (link or please provide image)
Background ideas (if any -simple backgroud only):

Here is how things will go:-
1. I received your order.
2. I will send you a lineart draft (and/or a simple color draft) within 1-2 working days.
3. You can have change for 1 time for the lineart (and/or the color) draft.
4. I will finish the work and provide you the art in high resolution by email.
5. For traditional drawing, if you need the original, I will confirm you the shipping fee and the packaging fee and the drawing will be well packed once the payment is received.

I take every commission seriously.
I will draw a simple artwork of the character(s) of your commission first (concept art) and will send to you for your confirmation, if you are okay with the character style then I will go for the draft.
Usually this artwork is like a coloured doddle and I will provide this to you as a free gift :)

Please feel free to email me or DM me if you want to know more about me and my arts :)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 11 2019

This artist was lovely to work with! The art was done very quickly, and it was so cute! I would definitely recommend working with this artist!


March 09 2019

This was my second time commissioning this artist and again was very pleased with the artwork. They deserve more recognition and will not let you down! :)


February 24 2019

I absolutely love the art! She was fast to respond and complete the commission. I am definitely ordering again in the future! Thank you! <3


February 11 2019

Work was completed very fast and artist was very accommodating when it came to changes wanting to be made. Ensured there was no confusion over anything. Highly recommend! :)


January 02 2019

The artist was great and she us very cooperative and nice. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! :)


February 12 2018

Work was done fast and done with incredible quality. Artist was a great with taking what i wanted and making it into the perfect art piece ????????????

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