Realistic painterly portrait

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  • $ 45.00 base price
  • 1 week or less if i'm only working on one estimated turnaround
  • 3 / 3 available
Realistic painterly portrait
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 44 clients thus far.

KyanFiltiarn describes this slot:

A portrait created digitally with very high attention to detail and realism from the shoulders. Can be directly from a photograph or vaguely based off of an idea or photograph.
This can be for personal or commercial use. Whether it's 20% leaning to anime or more of anime or even a totally different style. I will work closely with the client to ensure a smashing good deal for their satisfaction :)


Spxer writes:

Amazing artist! Couldn't e happier!

Blaquestone writes:

There were a few stages of presentation, critique, and reworking portions of the piece. Through it all, Kurt was very pleasant, and at the end of the process, I was quite satisfied with the landscape he created.

Viscupelo writes:

Excellent work from an excellent artist, highly recommended!

NachosUnlimited writes:

The artist was very polite and did fantastic work especially given the time frame

Kaval writes:

The artist was very friendly, but communication was terrible at best. There was very little in the way of ideas or thoughts on how this should look. I sent 7 or 8 screenshots of my character and asked them to get with me on the final image with which to work from and I didn't hear anything for three weeks, until they sent me a sketch. No input from me at all. I then waited another two weeks with no communication finally expressing my frustrations and got a response. The image isn't really a good capture of the character but is stellar in terms of the art it'self. I feel like this is a direct relationship to the lack of input or communication. I made some comments on the image and they finished it off, making some small corrections. It's still not a good representation of the character, however I will be accepting in order to honor my agreement and just be done with it. To be fair, they told me it would take some time to do the piece, which I was and am totally fine with, because I don't want to rush the process. That said, I thought there would at least be some solid communication during. All in all, I cannot in good conscience recommend this artist.

Mekotsu writes:

Lovely artist to work with! Gave me exactly what I wanted and worked to get it to me as quickly as possible despite rl issues. ^^

BackToAsh writes:

Super good at getting back to you and listening to the details of what you'd want in a commission. Great style, friendly. Would commission again.*thumbs up*

tehxkimmeth writes:

I just love the work done! Happy with the results and would def make a return!

ferretti writes:

Amazing work!

Aldaren writes:

Great job

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