Full Body & Color Digital Watercolor

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  • $ 39.00 base price
  • 2 Weeks estimated turnaround
  • Currently Unavailable
Full Body & Color Digital Watercolor
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sugandyaart describes this slot:

Note that my prices on A&C are higher than my other sites due to the fees, but the tradeoff is the opportunity to use an escrow service for your transaction

Since I've finally managed to bring my traditional style over to digital (and then some), I feel comfortable offering these commissions to you. I can offer them at a cheaper rate than I could doing the natural medium since good watercolors don't come cheap!

Will Do: Mecha, robots, humanoids, anthros, pin-up art, fetish art*, erotica*, any NSFW not mentioned*

*Discuss with me; I’m pretty open about things but some subjects I might not feel comfortable with taking on for a client--especially new ones.

Note: These are digitally rendered watercolors. However, I can make arrangements to get them printed on the right kind of paper to give a realistic appearance. Extra fees apply!

Price is for one character w/simple props

*Click here to see what my definition of bust and half body are. (Opens in a new window/tab)

Character: +50% Base Cost
Ex: You full color full body with clean lines would be $39. The extra character @ $19.50 brings it to $58.50.

Detailed Background: This must be negotiated; it can vary wildly!


Serami writes:

Excellent artist, best communication I've had in ages!

IgnisRoses writes:

Very nice art! Would commission again.

Commission artist
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