Comic strip colored

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  • $ 60.00 base price
  • 1 week estimated turnaround
  • Currently Unavailable
Comic strip colored
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 5.3 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

chi2yuu describes this slot:


If you want to add 1 one character is 4$


SIMPLE Background

If you want another Background; 10$


Dysypear writes:

Always a pleasure to work with. The art comes out fast and clean and the artist is quite responsive. Would highly recommend.

Dysypear writes:

Incredibly fast and amazing beautiful work. Would highly recommend to others. Very kind artist as well.

nibbler writes:

The artist was lovely, and the the art she drew was amazing :D

finyb writes:

So wonderful!!!!!!! Worked so so so fast and was super nice. Updated me with sketches and created beautiful art. Couldn't be better!!

Mixie writes:

This artist is truly amazing! Very nice and is great to work with. They finished my commission in record time and the finish product itself is stunning. I would defiantly recommend!

KendriaP writes:

Mixed. The art is just O.K., but the artist is polite & friendly. The experience wasn't bad enough to leave a bad review.

Ohmytheslimes writes:

Fast and wonderful quality! The artist was responsive and kept me informed throughout the process. Throughout the process, I asked for a few changes and the artist completed that in no time. Would recommend! I will most likely commission from them in the future once again!

Ohmytheslimes writes:

Artwork the artist makes is just awesome. Took my considerations and made my commission request fantastic. Very fast response, especially through the artist's twitter profile, and finished the piece in just one day! Would definitely recommend!

zatzcuatch writes:

An amazing artist! So kind and nice, very pacient and caring with every step along your commission. Loved the result and totally recomend and comish again ?

ArmJoe writes:

Extremely nice and attentive to my requests, put up with how absentminded I could be, and gave me a fantastic finished product.

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