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Hello there!
I'm Samid the starving artist who loves to draw and animate. Hope to have an engaging and fun work with you!

if you want to direct commissions you can contact me
here : "sakiyume(@)"
or we can talk about an art on discord : SakiYume#1087

I love drawing lewds, but at the same time i love drawing cute and dramatic scene too. But mostly lewds, yeah i love lewds.

However i'm on break during weekends, so i'll be working on your art piece during weekdays (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

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Top Positive Review

I was very happy with the final product, and highly recommend this artist.

Samid was a wonderful person to work with having everything on time with great quality! Would for sure recommend and commission again!

Very friendly artist, great art, I highly recommend Samid11. He will see another commission from me in the near future.

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Getting more pieces for sure!

This went excellently and super quickly. I could definitely recommend this artist to anyone else. Very professional and friendly too.

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No Critical Review.
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