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Hey all! Thanks for stopping by =)

I'm just a 32 year old girl that is in love with drawing. It's the main thing that I do in a day [or want to do, anyway], and I seriously don't want to stop. Life though, has other plans. Such as forcing me to go to work and such =(

There's so much I want to do. Be it commissions, personal images, or hell... I have a couple of comics that I want to start up! Along with that though, I'm an avid reader, love reading and want to write. So if I were able to get the funds, I would be able to just devote my life to that.

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Luna is amazing to work with. Patient, quick, personable, and selling herself short! If you want quality art from a reliable source, Lunakiri is a fantastic choice.

Luna was professional, accurate, and fast! Her attention to detail and insight are amazing. She is understanding and caters to your fetishes and desires. She is also flexable and easy to work with if you need to make minor changes. With these breathtaking works of art she produces I dont see her having to work too long before she finds herself drowning in commissions. :) i will be commissioning her again soon. You should too.

Luna is amazing. I didn't commission her through this site, but I paid through it, and it made it a lot easier. Lunakiri is fast, affordable, and it's remarkable that she isn't drowning in commissions! Or that her Patreon is so underfunded =( I'd love to see her get more of a following, for she truly deserves it! I will be back in the future, most certainly, and you should be too!

Well detailed sketch by Luna! Done as specified, and really well drawn. After seeing this plus her work on DeviantArt, I think she's got a definite roll going! :3

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