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Hi! Thanks for everyone who stopped by. If there's anything, please feel free to contact me. :D

For those who commissioned me and are still waiting in line, I apologize to you sincerely but thank you for waiting patiently at the same time.

If you like my works, it will be awesome if you can support me by treating me a coffee too! https://ko-fi.com/yuu0519
It will surely means a lot to me and I really appreciate all the support!

Thank you. :D

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Top Positive Review

Absolutely what I was looking for. I can't recommend commissioning this artist enough. They were fast, highly receptive to feedback, and present quality works. I will DEFINITELY be asking for something from them again in the future. And you should get something for yourself.

Very amazing artist and understanding ?. I really appreciate the time and effort put into this piece because this really is amazing! I hope he/she gets better on recovering on a small sick which I was really concerned about their health more than the commission ?. I wouldn't mind waiting and I have to say it paid off really well! I highly reccomend anyone to commission this artist ? definitely and will share about him/her.

Wonderful art and really nice to work with. They're also extremely patient and I really needed that... <3

A truly amazing artist who blew my mind with the piece she gave me! Kind, patient and honest, they were truly a joy to work with. I highly implore you to commission them!

Thank you for a very good portrait (emotional) of a character for my upcoming eBook.

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    Character Design
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    Character Design Sketches (Limited)
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    Character Reference Sheet
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