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Mar-Pal Mariel Palomba

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General information:

  • Argentina
  • Verified e-mail address
  • Verified artist
  • Response time: Same-day

Hi, my name is Mariel (Mar), and I'm an anime and manga artist.

I'm studying Design in Illustration, and one day I want to work as a professional illustrator, so, I think this are like my firsts steps into my job.

~What I draw and what I don't draw~
•I do:
-Originals Characters, Fanarts, Cannon Characters, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, and more!
-Concept art.
-Model sheets.
-Book Covers.
-Card Arts.

•I do not do extreme gore, porn, NSFW art, homofobic art, racist art or any other type of art that can be consider offensive.

~Please read my Terms of Service before hiring a slot!

If you have doubts, please send me a messege and I'll answer all your questions!

Commission slots:

  • Colored Chibi
    Colored Chibi
  • Colored Halfbody
    Colored Halfbody
  • Colored Full Body
    Colored Full Body
  • Anime Character ModelSheet
    Anime Character ModelSheet
  • Chibi Sticker Style Set
    Chibi Sticker Style Set